Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good stuff from the Arizona game

Students camped out for days to get tickets to this one

When Dickie V Came to Maples
Some nice words for Stanford from Dick Vitale. Of course, he also talked about Duke and how its basketball program makes academics such a high priority. But I went ahead and cut that part out, what with Duke's 50% graduation rate and all. Maybe he was only kidding. My apologies for the bad pixelation - looks much better on the tapes. Dickie V says "CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON, BABY!"

6th Man Club Greets the Arizona Bus
As we're standing outside the players' entrance at Maples a couple of hours before tip-off, the Arizona team bus comes rumbling in. Out of nowhere, a giddy gang of 6th Manners comes bouncing down the hill to welcome Lute and friends to campus.

Pre-Game Interview with Coach Reveno

Stanford assistant coach, Eric Reveno (he's head coach at University of Portland today), sharing his thoughts before the 2004 Arizona game at Maples. Remember those old wooden bleachers?

Zona takes the floor

The camera follows the Arizona players out of the locker room and onto the Maples Pavilion floor before the 2004 classic.

Short clip of Julius Barnes talking about the 2003-04 team

Julius had graduated 6 months earlier.

Happiness in the Hallway
After Nick hit "The Shot," the then-still-bouncy Maples floor became a giant hardwood trampoline of euphoria. Stanford fans stormed the court and mobbed any Stanford player they could find. Lovingly, of course. When the victors finally had a chance to breathe in the hallway outside the lockerroom, this spontaneous hug-fest was captured. That's Julius Barnes in the light blue jacket. Gotta love Grunfeld.

Stanford guys watch a TV replay of the game's amazing ending

Watching this reminds me why I love college basketball:

Josh and Nick interviews
Our camera guy shows Nick footage he got of "The Shot." The guy with the big smile at the end is the proud pops of Pops.

Haryasz is Stoked!
Many people didn't want to leave Maples that day, including sophomore Matt Haryasz. This was about an hour after the game.

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