Thursday, August 30, 2007

Living and dying with Stanford basketball

As Stanford fans, we all live and die with the team, depending on how the game is going. But it probably means just a little bit more if your son is the star point guard. This clip features ChrisH's mom and dad, Jose and Jan Hernandez as they watch the Arizona game from the Maples stands. The sequence happens to begin after Stanford had built up a 67-58 2nd half lead, so we see Jan and Jose suffer through parts of a 14-0 run by Arizona, which swung the advantage over to the Wildcats, 72-67. As you know, the Cardinal got things going again and outscored Zona 13-5 down the stretch. The tide has turned by the end of the video. Man, I love seeing passion like this. It's one of the things that makes Stanford hoops what it is.

Btw, speaking of Chris, the clip further down the page of Lute Olson raving about him during the post-game press conference, is not to be missed.

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