Sunday, August 26, 2007


Some funny training room banter about who on the team is and isn't single. (featuring Matt Lottich, Josh Childress, Evan Moore, Chris Hernandez, Dan Grunfeld, and Andrew Tai)

Could've Dunked

Inquiring minds want to know why Lotty didn't take the opportunity to throw one down for his first in-game dunk on a breakaway the night before. Despite the non-dunk, Lotty is adamant that he has "MAD BOOSTIES." (featuring Matt Lottich, Josh Childress, Joe Kirchofer, and Evan Moore)

More Training Room Adventures...

Feets, Don't Fail Me Now
First, a little sequence featuring the sights and sounds from the Stanford hoops training room. Then, some banter about ankle injuries and foot modeling. (featuring Justin Davis, Josh Childress, Mark Bradford, Matt Lottich, Andrew Tai, Jason Haas, Matt Haryasz, and Evan Moore)

Twain-ing Room
In what other basketball training room in America would you hear a playful reference to great American literature? (featuring Josh Childress, Rob Little, Matt Haryasz, Andrew Tai, Fred Washington, and Nick Robinson)

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